Friday, June 10, 2011

June Projects

     I had a very busy June planned for myself - temp work and a 2-week vacation to Washington DC with my friend Donita.  Everything pretty much fell apart.  Donita had to cancel since she accepted a teaching job in Mississippi and has to relocate from Utah and attend training right at the time our trip was scheduled.  My annual temp job was 2 weeks shorter this year finishing  in May instead of June.  I'm thrilled that Donita is moving out to this end of the country.  We've been friends since high school and are both excited that we'll be only a 1-day drive apart.  Still, at first I was pretty bummed out - but then I realized I had a whole, free month to do whatever I wanted.  My sewing machine and fabric stash were calling my name. 
     I began making a tossed nine-patch for my bedroom from charm packs I'd picked up on sale during a recent shop hop.  At the same time, I decided to work on a scrap quilt for the spare bedroom.  I've been going back and forth.  I want to get the nine-patch done, but there's something very satisfying about cutting and sewing all those 2 inch squares together.  I also took a break one morning to create the disappearing 4-patch in red-white-blue for the OMQG June block of the month.  I thought that would be easy, but apparently I either can't sew a scant 1/4 inch seam, or can't cut accurately or both, because it took 3 tries before I finally got one to come out the right size.  From now on I'll just make all blocks too big and cut them down.
     Time is flying by while I quilt.  So much to quilt - so little time.  Maybe I'll do this every June.


  1. Linda, I love the fabrics you chose for your disappearing four patch block! It looks fabulous! Your other projects look fun too. Enjoy your month of sewing. By the way, where in Mississippi is your friend moving? That's my home state.

  2. I love your quilts, and the BOM. The red, white, and blue look really good. I am also having a bit of trouble sewing straight at times.